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As well as for many activities in the world, meteorological information is crucial for the success of military operations.

The Armed Forces require reliable and precise upper air measurements to be able to carry out field operations, so radiosondes are widely used for military operations. Upper air measurements are for instance essential to the accuracy of modern artillery, as well as to the safety and noise control at military ranges or again for complex operations including skydiving.


Meteomodem proposes robust, intuitive and high-quality equipment, easy to both transport and deploy at any field, so the armed forces can successfully operate mobile battlefield or shipboard systems without needing highly skilled operators.

SR10 Transportable

Ideal for mobile use, this system consists in a classic SR10 ground receiver with internal battery and all necessary equipment for a radiosounding delivered in ruggedized transport cases.

SR10 military
SR10 Military

SR10_M has been totally designed for an easy use in field operations.

The particularity of this military system consists in its integration in a light and robust case, offering a total autonomy thanks to an internal battery.

Complies with MIL-STD-810G.

SR10 rackable
SR10 Rackable

This groundsystem has been designed for an integration into a vehicle, ship, container … it consists of a SR10 receiver integrated in a 1U rack.

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