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Ground station

Ground station for manual release

SR10 Ground station

SR10 is the latest generation of Meteomodem radiosounding ground station.


Designed to be used with the M10 and M20, the SR10 receives and processes in real time PTU and wind data transmitted via the sonde telemetry. The telemetry range covers more than 350 km. The “Groundcheck” allows the verification of the sensors but also the automatic configuration of frequencies.


The data are then, analyzed and processed by software generating WMO format (TEMP BUFR, BUFR HD, PILOT …) and Military Format messages (STANAG).

SR10 Receiver

Light and compact receiver assuming many functions, radio and GNSS reception, decoding, barometer reference...


Eoscan : Data collecting and processing software, automatic sounding analysis and edition of WMO messages.

Groundcheck M20

- Infrared communication

- Sensor calibration

- GNSS initialization

- Management and configuration of frequencies

  • Robust and compact

  • Easily transportable thanks to robust transport cases, and quickly deployable with a tripod system for the antennas.

  • SR10 Receiver (12V) can be powered from cigarette-lighter or main (110-220V). A 24V version is also available

  • User friendly procedure

  • Edition of WMO messages

  • Edition of ballistic messages for artillery


  • Meteorological services : Atmospheric observations and data.

  • Military and marine:  Meteorological and aeronautical information, ballistic tests

  • Scientific research

SR10 mobile

SR10 Military Station

The main function of the SR10 radiosounding station consists in the acquisition of PTU and wind mesurements, transmitted from our radiosonde by radio telemetry.

The particularity of this mobile station is its inte­gration in a light and robust case. The system, which can operate in 10/30V or autonomously, is controlled by a robust laptop for an optimal ease of use during field campaigns. 

Complies with MIL-STD-810G.

SR10 mobile
  • Easy deployment for military used in operation field

  • Robust military design

  • Internal battery for 6 hours of autonomy

  • Accurate atmospheric profile

  • External connexions to operate without opening the case

  • Military tripod for antenna

  • Ruggedized laptop running Eoscan software

  • Edition of STANAG and WMO messages

  • Message transmission via RS232, FTP, E-mail, Sockets, copy files

SR10 mobile
SR10 mobile
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