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Quality system

Modem has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

Image of Meteomodem

Specialist for more than 30 years in the field of Upper-Air radiosonding, SME cultivates its difference through its particular Business Model, promoting innovation and cooperation with our customers and partners while guaranteeing them flexibility and proximity both in the technical aspect, as operational and commercial.

Core values :

  • Satisfaction of the specific requirements of our customers

  • Innovation (more than 50% of our staff dedicated to R&D)

  • Close relationship with our customers and partners

  • Trustful partnership

  • Flexibility and reactivity

  • Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Our environmental work has begun with the development of a more compact radiosonde, less polystyrene, less gas, no parachute…) 

Quality Management remains the strategic tool to satisfy our customers but also to control, improve our processes and achieve our objectives.

Meteomodem's Quality Management covers all our activities: 

Sales, Design, Purchase, Integration, Commissioning and Maintenance of Radiosounding Systems and Meteorological or Environmental Observations and Related instruments.

Quality is everyone's business, it must be participative, constructive and force of proposals to constantly improve the performance of the company.

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