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• Meteorological services : Radiosounding upper air measurement

• Military forces : Meteorological and aeronautical information, ballistic tests


• Research : Laboratories, research institutes, universities

The M10 Radiosonde is a world reference in the Upper Air observation worldwide. It has been used by several National Met Services (NMSs), Military forces, and Research institutes. Used in manual or automatic mode (GUAN and GRUAN Sites), this radiosonde has been used in severe climate conditions for years.


GRUAN certification in progress.


• Dimensions: 95x95x88.5 mm

• Weight: 150g (incl. alkaline batteries)

• Single electronic board design with low energy consumption allowing longer in-flight battery life

• Flexible radio antenna

• Battery life allowing 4h of sounding

• Full compatibility with our Robotsonde system

• Pressure calculated from GNSS 

• Three spare (analog) channels for additional sensors such as Ozonesonde, LOAC or XDATA

• Resistant to GNSS Spoofing 

Compatible with Eoscan software
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