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Sonde found

The device you found is a meteorological radiosonde. This instrument, attached under a balloon inflated with gas, can reach more than 30 km of altitude measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction. All these data are transmitted in real time to a ground system and are very useful for meteorologists to establish forecasts. Once the maximum altitude reached, due to lack of pressure, the balloon bursts, and the radiosonde flies down with its parachute.

Proceeding for environment protection :
- Take off the batterie(s) installed inside the box.
- Separate the printed circuit from the polystyrene and place the various elements in the suitable containers.

Upper air Observation is a polluting activity, we are aware of it, yet it is necessary for atmospheric knowledge and weather prediction. This is the reason why we must act together for the future of our planet. At Meteomodem we are constantly looking for solutions to reduce our environmental impact, whether on our instruments but also on all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the measurement.


Together we can make it happen and shape the future of meteorology.


Thank you for caring and contributing to the environment protection.

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