The BASTA is a cloud radar(95GHz) dedicated to cloud and fog observation. Unlike Pulsed Radars that allow excellent performances but are very expensive, The BASTA uses a less powerful (0 ,5W) transmitter turning the solution more affordable. Technology The lack of power of the transmitter is compensated by FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) Technology and associated signal processing treatment.

BASTA enables to obtain the vertical distribution of clouds and the hydrometeors sedimentation speed. Designed with several operating modes allowing vertical resolutions from 12.5 m to 100 m. Each resolution corresponds to a field of study, the 12,5m resolution is adapted to fog and precipitation studies, the 100 m mode is much more fitted for high clouds observation. An intermediary mode is available. This innovative and brand new radar measures the reflected energy of the hydrometeors and can be linked to the water content of the cloud. The less the resolution is in distance the best the radar sensitivity will be. The Doppler capability of the instrument allows to measure the velocity of the hydrometeors. Last but not least it is also possible to assess the size of droplets and ice crystals.

Main features:

Measurement of reflectivity and Doppler Velocity
Low power needed with direct impact on cost reduction
Tropospheric profile up to 12 km (20 km in tropics)
BASTA provides real time 24/7 vertical observations of cloud structure
Fog monitoring capability for enhanced security on airports (Nowcasting)
High mobile capability allowing BASTA to be used as a calibration mean for other radars
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